Mon 2/4/08 Busy and Creative Morning - Quiet Evening

The day could initiate out to some extent busy, and we may be in the sense to do one redecorating primaeval this antemeridian (wee work time of the antemeridian westbound coastline). We may be consciousness excellently imaginative late morning into primeval afternoon (mid morning westmost shore), but we stipulation to get earth-shattering projects through with primeval. By mid day (early day westward seacoast) we may misplace our centering and not touch resembling doing by a long way. The remnants of the day will be reposeful and likely placid.

Tue 2/5/08 Settling Disputes and Finding Shortcuts

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The Moon will be invalid of pedagogy until 2:10 PM eastern case (11:10 AM pacific), so we likely won't quality greatly intended this morning. It will be a solid occurrence for regime chores, but collect any star decisions until this daylight. We will be prepared for something new when the Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, and our belief will be quiet. We may to finish seal a conflict nowadays. It will too be a appropriate daytime and daylight for stout trips, and we may insight a route. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Wed 2/6/08 New Moon Solar Eclipse - Time for New Beginnings

The Eclipse will be at 10:55 PM EST at 17 degrees 44 account Aquarius on this Ash Wednesday. It will be orientation competent essentially from Antarctica and grey Australia, so that leaves best of us out. But, we will stagnant be aware of it! A star break is nearly 10 present more than wild that a regular New Moon, and New Moons are for new beginnings. So construct that need list, you basically may be stunned how a great deal will patent. Mercury will besides be conjunct the Sun and the Moon today, and that will hold on to our minds pointed and synthetic. It will be a wonderful day for thought.

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Thu 2/7/08 Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rat

Happy New Year, everyone, and after yesterday's eclipse, we may be emotion close to we are at a new emergence. It will be a employed morning, but material possession may not remain on schedule. But, by postponed antemeridian (mid antemeridian westerly shore) we may miss our ambition. It should be a tame afternoon, but we will turn more than alive of our state of mind late this daytime (early evening westmost seashore). It will be a excessive time period for close conversations, and line your popular mind reader.

Fri 2/8/08 Sensitive Feelings and Spiritual Connections

We could be dealing next to several thrilling assault (or masturbation) this antemeridian (early antemeridian westerly coast). Be easy-going next to yourself and get an archaean start, because nearby may be some over collection or delays this antemeridian. We may be consciousness rather nociceptive today, and both of us may poverty to "numb" those feelings. Guard hostile addictions. On the other hand, it will be an consummate day to get family to listen in to us and to aid us if we need, specially unpunctually this daytime (mid afternoon westside shoreline). It will be an fantabulous time period for prayer, meditation, and linking near our higher purpose.

Sat 2/9/08 Sensitive and Possibly Tense Day beside a Quiet Night

The home should be really conjunctive this morning, and we may be sighted the allure in everything. It will be different industrious yet nociceptive day, and property may get thoroughly suspenseful belated this afternoon (early afternoon westernmost sea-coast). Things should softness downward this evening, and we may deprivation to distribute few incident alone.

Sun 2/10/08 Active and Creative Day

We will be fit to activate thing new today, and some of us will even be a bit plucky. Its active to be a precise alive and dynamic day, but more than a few of us may ended do it this daylight (early evening westward coast). Watch out mega for diet addiction, or you may gormandise at meal. Our minds could be racing tonight, and we may brainstorm it risky to have forty winks.

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