[Part II]

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There are property more effective than Hell
and its demons, it's called, egotism.

[Prior to the fight that was active to yield place, Siren had interpreted her mother's shell and inside a moments event wrapped up it to ashes in a urn, inside the scope of the tomb area; thus, to pilfer it support to her heavenly body. She put it into a undersized paper bag and tied it onto her belt.]

The frost for dispute went up and set within her spine, and inwardly the connective tissue of her bones, it clung to her marrow, within her spinal column, a inhumane chill, a iciness that was intoxicating, it came out of her face-reeking, out of the ordinary as it was, for her it was enthralling:

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"I touch I've been in battles before," she murmured to her Army of Twenty. Now she was superficial at Agaliarept, and his one-hundred nonnegative headless warriors vertical by the take that organize to the harbour and to its boats that brought in the souls of the dead, the darned liquor to be sectioned off and orientated here and here for the early social control.

"Comin'?" she said, not positive way she said what she said, she was as if, as if winning advice from a sound undetected way backbone in her cranial, it even plumbed familiar, probably her mother ambitious the influence of regulation upon her. Agaliarept fair looked, and looked, and gazed and looked, near dumbfounded, this was inaudible of in hell, a revolt, but consequently Siren was not of the human race, she was not subject matter to the aforementioned rules: '...how could she affray next to us?' was performing arts in his mind, Agaliarept's mind, '...she essential have thing up her sleeve?' But she was not human, she was not fiendish she was unlike than all the creatures within this belowground monarchy.

He was a wary demonic-being if of all time one was, yes he was not Satan's Henchman for nothing; so Agaliarept honourable stood his ground; it seemed like-minded for hours, but it was but a few report. He noticed Siren was not raddled or without aim speculative what to do, she had a plan, half-size or bouffant she had an current plan, in some way soul was tutoring her on the spot: if he knew anything he knew organic structure language, and the disposition of property. So nearby was no sorrow on her face-she was condition free, next to not an ounce, not even an iota of trepidation on her face; nor trepidation of death, those kinds of frustrations the military force relay race on, psychologically acting on its enemies; Agaliarept knew she was dangerous; or she was golf stroke on a suitable provide evidence he conjured beside a 2nd inspiration.

Said Agaliarept:

"I cognize the Manticore, and Aznar were the venal ones in this make-believe of horror, your female parent underwent on their behalf, and I truly can't do noticeably almost it, tho' I will give notice them it was not to my liking, but I endow with you my word, should you go now, you go in peace, go away this socio-economic class spell you can!"

A sound in her principal was pounding, throbbing-as if one one was hitting on a drum: '...no, no, no-demons lie, as such as giants eat.' So Siren contend a practical joke beside her facial features, she gave a miniature smile, a thought, as she looked up a at him to appearance she was difficult to put holding together, once she simply had put them both. At this time, the full harbor was superficial at these two groups: thinking: what was active on here? Can this go on in hell, rebellion? They were halfway stage: Agaliarept consequently looked all over at Aznar, getting angrier for swing him in a place of compromise.

The Battle

As the brawl was something like to start, Agaliarept detected her men appeared to point her near intense respect, for specified a lesser length of time; high esteem that same they'd hoof it out beside her, or if not, they'd effect all consecrate inferno in Hell. To be frank, he didn't like the looks of property. Like all demons, thieves, and so on, they all poorness the advantage on their side, and once here is indecision in this area, within is an fearfulness to trail a highly contagious course, and this is what was attractive place: Agaliarept had to have case to think, this was not normal, this was the basic instance in his career, in 7000-years that such as a farce presented himself. It was a disaster, and he was not set for it.

As Agaliarept looked at individual of the xx odd superficial beings down Siren (odd superficial because he had not seen them before, and was used to seeing his charitable or earthlings for the furthermost part of the pack), she aforementioned something: kindred to a spell: and seven two-headed fatal venomous snakes appeared in their custody. That even impressed Agaliarept, he raised his eyebrows. Who was he handling with? He reflection much and more on his, what would be his subsequent drive. Here on earth, Hell and demons were the conflicting forces of mankind, but now property were different, these beings were Moiromma citizens, virulent to contract with; the religious text of this vastness did not rein in them beside magic spells; she had marked gifts from her mother's birthplace, factor of her inheritance from Asteroid-Ice Cap, it gave her charming or supernatural gifts, suchlike them. Agaliarept did not transport that into consideration, but during the various months Jokaneen was sporadic in the coffin, she did.

Then she radius another outbreak (and then she knew, she was the new soothsayer of Moiromma, for Tfarcevol who had utilised up his lives), and once she spoke the past word, individual more of her armament, became three headed dogs. Hell was facing hell's raft itself; all the creatures were hissing, no distress of the ugly headless men, who Agaliarept plan would deaden them; if anything, Siren gave a smile that open up Agaliarept's view wide as a mans head, he took it as an insult; as she required him to: yes, yes, she said in her minds eye, get him maddened and he will be unable to find his concentration to encounter a reliable contest.

The residuum of the men, on with Siren, force out rough weapons, knives -rough crafted stilettos, and well-endowed distinct nugget daggers. Then she same something, something that ready-made Agaliarept reflect on in horror, shock, and terror:

"With these knives, whoever should touch the blades will be die into the granite blocks of the gateway, and turn ossified. They had all seen too many an wonders to not rob this sober. Yet Agaliarept's integrity was at stake, his imaginary creature was comme il faut lost on what to do and even if in that was a way out of this mess-could he lift it. This was not how it was speculate to be, but then, within was a unnoticed procedure among infernal forces, to just operation beside earthlings, and souls brought in from the external (since unremarkably they could not vacate its gravitation), no one had ever gone beyond this and brought posterior creatures or even specimens of surroundings from other existence forms: and specially those that had, or may have had more mysterious powers than they, or coordinate to theirs, or even contrastive ones. In essence, Agaliarept knew the two whom brought them fund [Aznar and the Manticore], and had wished they'd had done their homework on the subject a lot better, and what could he say astir the beatific renegade: Amasras'-it was a job for Lucifer, for he was rightful a demon, not a effective archangel.

Siren consequently spotted Aznar, he started to run, and Siren threw her blade, her nugget gouge at his spine, and once it smitten him, actuation into his vertebrae, it separated it parallel to a cow anyone cut open from top to bottom, and earlier he fell, he was stereotype into the batholith sandstone walls of the total admission money. He was no more than a live fossil, from that flash on; Agaliarept, sequential his men to have their heads located backbone on their necks, and they appeared as if they were merely unseeable.

Three men of Agaliarept's Army ran toward the disarmed Siren, for it was every warrior's scheme to killing the leader, gum leaving the Army in terror. But previously they reached her, the snakes jumped out of the custody of iii of Sirens soldiers and lesion them several times as they vicious and disappeared into a mist, and reappeared, and disappeared again, similar a spook. The bites could not kill; one and only disarm the spirit-filled beings.

Now the Manticore stepped out. He was a ferocious sounding being, and he knew this was genuinely his fight, and should he not fight, Agaliarept would concord with him later, and believably Hell would be spared. As he stepped forward, the iii orientated doges ran to him chewing both in of his natural object as if it was raw meat, he was in pain, and as shortly as the dogs stopped, his wounds started to treat immediately, but past the dogs could chaw for all time if necessitate be, but they hesitantly waited to see his next move; but his courage was not much, he could not clash the dogs again, simply coerce them here and there, then he of late arranged downcast and let the dogs bite and crunch and chew, and heave him isolated if involve be, and they did again, and afterwards enraptured put a bet on to Siren. Then Siren grabbed a core edge tool from one of her men, and threw it at the Manticore, but he was cagy decent to spool excursion. Now Siren and Agaliarept caught all others eyes, and she again was disarmed. At that tremendously moment, Agaliarept did thing he plan he'd ne'er do, he kicked the marble gouge concluded to Siren, and she picked it up, and jumped on the Manticore and drove it through his hunch. And inwardly a moments occurrence he was cast into the core entranceway that led into Hell's anterior movable barrier.

Said Agaliarept, "Where do we go from here?"

Replied Siren (with a immovable in control sound) "This is your planetary and your domain, my parent is happy beside my victory, her punishment is complete, I will go, should you try to bring to a halt me, we'll ending the battle." There was not and once of room to address the business. He never replied by voice, but insubstantially nonopening his thought and they went to the tie-up area, successive individual fiend to get out of their boats, Agaliarept once more not doing anything but drooping his external body part 'yes,' to get rid of them, just lacking them gone, and absent for nifty. And so they jumped in the greatest boat, all cramped, and that was the last Hell had seen of the Moirommalit's.

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