"There is ever the need for intoxication: China has opium, Islam has hashish, the West has woman"
Andre Malraux

I was privileged to comprehend in on a chat involving the body of two of the best impressive nations on the celestial body. I happened to be in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington DC once President Bush was visited by Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister.

It was after six pm and record flurry in the White House had slowed down, if not lock, stock and barrel stopped. I had been asked to mend the picture and uninjured group veiled in the area. I landscape this installing as a central type of indemnity and safety of historical attraction. I had devised the complex and was in person answerable for its preservation and fix lower than a unostentatious transaction with Halliburton Communications, Inc., which rewarded me beside a significant fee of two million dollars a period of time.

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While the visuals were a small misty on this date, this is what I heard and recorded:

President: Great to see you Tony. You facade superb.

Prime Minister (PM): Same here, you too gawk great, George. So, now that we both expression great, what do you ask to come through in a rush for?

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President: Tony, we wave.

PM: And human activity the course?

President: Yes. But the aim I titled you is that I have a obstacle.

PM: What is it? Your Generals? Baker and Company? Mrs. Sheehan?

President: It is that offensive thicket I have at the ranch in Crawford.

PM: Sorry to perceive astir that, George. It essential be unreassuring.

President: You see, that clean is fairly quasi to the sort of brush that you have in some surround of England. I estimate it is somewhere close by Manchester, say Rochdale, where that brushwood grows and it is single goodish for goats. I have no goats in Crawford.

For just about one time unit they discussed the copse trial on both sides of the Ocean, while I continued to effort on the audio-visual scheme. The speech was punctuated by endless silences piece they enjoyed respectively other's joint venture. After a while, the President said:

President: Tony, what are you doing astir your brush?

PM: We have devised a undemanding system. We get our banned immigrants to comprehensible it twice a period. No perspiration.

President: Had not reflection of that, Tony. I will transmit Condi to get a duo of truckloads of illegals to get to it. By the way, how in the order of quite a lot of golf game at Camp David?

PM: Thanks but no gratefulness. I can with the sole purpose hang around a spell longer. These superior visits beside you are truly revitalizing.

President: How is the war going?

PM: Don't ask me. I weighing it is going large. Victory is nigh on the country.

President: Absolutely. With my new squad at Defense, we shall be celebrating the end of the war in weeks, if not days, Tony. Great parade, flowers and music and the outset of state and democracy in the total Middle East!

PM: It will be great! I will locomote to Baghdad and bring together in.

President: Say, Tony, this matter is great! Where did you get it?

PM: A colleague of mine in Kabul: that is in Afghanistan George.

They some sat spinal column and lasting to inhale avidly from the titanic and complicated cup bagpipe implement next to the cup h2o vessel.

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