A athletic contest to the Relationship Economy is Second Life realistic international of existence and avatars. Business Week Virtual World this period reports. Second Life is a 3-D virtual planetary wholly improved and owned by its Residents. Since maiden to the civil in 2003, it has adult explosively and nowadays is thickly settled by a sum of 8,678,151 Residents from circa the globe. From the minute you get in the World you'll observe a spacious digital continent, teaming beside people, entertainment, experiences and possibility.

You'll also be encircled by the Creations of your male person Residents. Because Residents retain the rights to their digital creations, they can buy, market and export beside some other Residents. Alyssa LaRoche is reverberant in Linden dollars, the troublesome coinage of practical planetary Second Life. Sure, the burial is digital, but it can be changed for indisputable U.S. greenbacks, or any other coinage for that matter. "Everyone [in Second Life] is a supplementary consumer," says Reuben Steiger, CEO of realistic worldwide merchandising consultant MillionsOfUs. "Very few family go into a virtual planetary and prefer they're a bum." Even virtual hobos wouldn't have it so bad, since in Second Life having breadstuff on your saucer and a shelter complete your director are barely basic. Bumming about in a realistic world is fun for some, but the massive figure of Second Life residents buy and vend user-generated stock and services, and living their pockets overfull near Linden dollars.

Virtual currency is bought and oversubscribed on Lindex-a coinage trade off Web land site wherever users buying in are as a reflex action curved up with users cashing out. Last February much than $5 million (that's Uncle Sam currency) denaturized keeping on Lindex alone. Like real-world currency, transition tax move next to the economy-as of this writing, $1 is cost 267 Linden dollars. And simply similar in existing life, if you're a connoisseur of dispensable artefact you stipulation to have a even-handed amount of boodle. In Second Life, there's testimony of one big spenders.Last March more than than 800 users washed-out terminated 1 million Linden dollars, or going on for $4,000. Ailin Graef, the virtual physical belongings prominence (see BusinessWeek.com, 5/1/06, "My Virtual Life") who closing November claimed to be the first-year Second Life-made millionaire, says at hand is a activity for high-priced, fine logo in homes and separate practical commodities. "There is no concrete high restrict when it comes to race costs wealth on art, self-expression, and uniqueness," she says. The highest-priced haunt in Dreamland, her grassroots residential communal in Second Life, goes for almost $420. However, she says a number of "well-off individuals" have remunerated more than $10,000 for practical properties

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Status Symbols Merely breathing in a big home or wearying a fur coat isn't plenty to accept out from the crowd, so the top spenders fix your eyes on for items near meticulously programmed designs, textures, and animations. Even nonetheless Second Life residents can fly from lodge to deposit rather than drive, cars are a undemanding and affordable commodity-you can buy Scions and Pontiacs for going on for $1. But an embodiment that went by the pet name of Francis Chung brought to marketplace the Dominus Shadow, a ex post facto runabout created beside scrupulous fact some into and out. At active $40, it's the best dearly-won car to be sold in Second Life and an envied importance sign among residents.

Real World Infiltration In my dispatch called Relationship Economics: Part 1, I draw a a tad different virtual outer space supported on definite worldwide mercantilism and interactions beside concrete people, not avatars. Second Life is the athletic competition to "My Life" and all the scientific factors are accumulation up and appear meteoric.

Are your in place to be at the top of this breakthrough? What say you?

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